Abby & Brittany debuted this week on TLC with 1,731,000 million viewers tuning in to check out the conjoined lives of Abby and Brittany Hensel. The opening of the show does a good job setting the table for what the show will feature: the twins are seniors at Bethel University who will graduate sometime during the series, go abroad to Europe, and land a teaching position in the fall.

Watching the show, it’s immediately apparent the compromises the Hensel twins make in their everyday lives in their clothes, food, and social lives. But most interesting is the way Abby and Brittany talk about themselves. They wander in and out of the singular and plural, referring to themselves both as “we” and as an “I.” They are quick to draw distinctions between their personalities as Abby is the homebody while Brittany is the bossy, sassy type.

According to one of their roommates, the twins paid 1 1/2 tuitions to attend Bethel University and pursued the same majors: elementary education with a math emphasis. It seems that as far as Bethel University is concerned, the Hensels present two legal entities.

Episode 2 featured the twins preparing for a job interview at a Houston Elementary School. Though they both seek teaching position, because they are doing the job of one person the twins stated they would only ask for one salary. With some hard bargaining, maybe they could kick that up to 1 1/2 salaries.

Watch episodes 1 and 2 here.