TLC’s giving Abigail and Brittany Hensel a reality TV show this fall which is sure to present a parade of sticky legal situations. Take the photograph above depicting Abby and Brittany on a moped. What happens if they get popped for speeding? Who gets the infraction? In the past, one set of conjoined twins famously escaped a ticket for causing an accident when the befuddled police officer couldn’t figure out who to ticket. A previous documentary on the  Hensel twins revealed that while both Hensel twins had to pass the written portion of the driving test separately, because each controls half the body one twin steers while the other works the pedals. No doubt, they’ve got to share steering duties on a moped while only one works the throttle.

Join the Hensels this fall for what’s sure to be a tangled dose of reality televsion.

Via TLC.