The indictment of Megaupload and its executives, notably Kim Dotcom, has provided a intimate glimpse of what it’s like to be stupid wealthy: the kind of wealthy where you buy things just to buy things. Here’s a snippit of these pirates’ booty (see pages 83-89):

  • Mercedes with license plate GOOD
  • Mercedes with license plate EVIL
  • Mercedes with license plate CEO
  • Rolls Royce with license plate GOD
  • Mercedes with license plate STONED,
  • Other plates: V, GUILTY, KIMCOM, MAFIA, WOW or 7, HACKER, FUR252, T
  • Item 102: artwork, predator statue
  • The Olaf Mueller photo “In High Spirits”

As Drew Breunig points out, these guys were getting custom license plates the way some people buy domain names while drunk and then buying the cars for their license plates.