The following is the next installment in a series of posts which began with the piece, Half Guilty.

“Their brains are recording signals from the other twin’s visual field,” [Dr. Douglas Cochrane] cautiously concluded. “One might be seeing what the other one is seeing.”


A twin may be the instigator, but singling out one for punishment often doesn’t work. “When one gets in trouble and you try to discipline her, the other one kicks in and starts defending her sister,” says [their mother, Felicia] Simms. “I’ve just gotten to the point where if they don’t change their attitude when you talk to them the first time they both go into time out. How do you not?” she asks. “It’s just come down to?.?.?.?you can’t discipline one without disciplining the other. It’s just impossible.”

From Macleans.

Additional coverage at the NY Times.