Saint Thomas More (beheaded 1535 AD)

Saint Genesius of Rome (beheaded circa 303 AD)

Saint Catherine of Alexandria (beheaded circa 305 AD)

Saint Ivo of Kermartin (natural causes 1303 AD)

Saint Mark/John Mark/Mark the Evangelist (dragged to death 68 AD)

Saint Raymond of Peñafort (natural causes 1275)

The Old Devil

He was deeply distressed and redoubled his plaints,
When he thought that, among the whole number of saints,
His profession had none upon whom to rely,
When assistance was needed or danger was nigh.
‘Twas a very hard case,
Yea a downright disgrace,
That the lawyer should have no attorney in heaven.
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From Saints Star Quest Production Network and The Green Bag.