Nick Kam


Conjoined twins and legal conundrums

The Misfits – Where Eagles Dare

“Defendant, seeing plaintiff on a city street, reviled her at the top of his lungs in the presence of bystanders and others who assembled, calling her a God damned son of a bitch, a dirty crook, and other similar epithets, which he repeated several times. Plaintiff was seven months pregnant at the time, and her condition was sufficiently obvious to the defendant; and she claimed that the verbal attack was made for the purpose of causing her physical injury.”

Bartow v. Smith, 78 N.E.2d 735 (1948) cited in Prosser’s Insult and Outrage (1956).

The Misfits – Where Eagles Dare.

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Nick Kam is a member of the California State Bar and a graduate of the University of San Francisco School of Law.

Half Guilty is an excerpt of a piece of legal scholarship which considers the case of punishing an innocent person for a murder her conjoined twin committed.

He can be reached here.

Dicephalic Parapagus Conjoined Twins

Dicephalic Parapagus Conjoined Twins
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