US v. Syufy Enterprises

Judge Kozinski managed to get more than 200 movie titles into his opinion on this monopolistic case and still write an excellent opinion. Here is some background:

When the Syufy case was first published rumor had it that hundreds of movie titles were hidden in Judge Kozinski’s opinion. This is in fact true. The eminent judge has confirmed that there are 215 hidden titles, in part thanks to his law clerk, who was also an avid movie buff and went on to become an entertainment lawyer.

This was no casual effort; there were rules of the game. Only feature films were permitted, no made-for-tv movies. Titles had to be exact, no letters added or deleted. Punctuation was important; “seven days” did not count because the movie was “Se7en Days”; there is, however, a “Seven”. Judge Kozinski arm-wrestled and beat West Publishing for a middle initial M with no period after it. Although the trial took place over two weeks, technically, courtroom time was 8 1/2 days. There is only one lawyerly wriggle: many people do not pronounce “Ran” in Japanese. Yes, there really is a “Humongous”; I would suggest readers have the Internet Movie Database running to check titles they aren’t familiar with, or to find out just popular “Easy Money” is.


— Update —

The good ol’ boys at the BYU law review compiled a “Rosetta Stone” to the opinion in a 1992 law review article. Here are their first 10 found movie titles in the opinion:






Monkey Business


8 1/2

The Power

The Competition