“And that’s why Stewart was set up to fail. No matter what the question, Yoo was able to fall back on vagaries about constitutional interpretation, war and peace, and presidential power. Your beef isn’t with me, he seemed to say. It’s with the Founding Fathers.”

Watching the Daily Show interview it quickly becomes clear that as a lawyer and an educator, John Yoo has talked himself out of tighter spots than probing Jon Stewart questions. I imagine this interview was as excruciating to conduct as it is to watch.

Read the entirety at Slate.

Update: A few years ago the University of San Francisco hosted a debate between Jon Yoo and Professor Peter Jan Honigsberg, a brilliant teacher who has dedicated himself to righting the wrongs of Guantanamo Bay and the Bush Administration. Prof. Honigsberg wrote a short article about the time he “debated a war criminal” last year for the Huffington Post.